Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun gift ideas

My family knows me well. We just celebrated Christmas with my Dad, Stepmom and 3 younger brothers over the weekend at my sisters. Was craziness with all the kids but was so fun, they are obsessed with the X-box kinect, and by them I mean the adults. We love the dance central even though I'm officially the worlds worst dancer. 

But my folks gave me the cutest gifts for Christmas. This calendar is a Mary Phillips design and it's so cute!

She has some really cute stuff on her website too. She has wine glasses, gift ideas, apparel, and a cute for the home section. These are some of her cocktail napkins.

They also gave me this really cute calendar by Pantone.  There is a Pantone color for every day of the year, and a brief description about what your birthday color says about you, mine was dead on! We had a lot of fun reading about what everyone's color was.  

Have fun!

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