Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chevron Business cards for me = happy chick.

Why is it the older you get the smallest things in life excite you, like when your kitchen counter tops are spotless, or when the delicious smell of bleach is lingering in your house after a good cleaning? 

I really need to get a life. 

Today is an exciting day for me, I just ordered these amazing Chevron Business Cards.  I found them on Jen Ramos's Made By Girl blog.  I follow way too many a lot of blogs, and she is by far one of my favorites. Be sure to check her out!  

Don't you likey??

I'll be sure to pass these out to every person on the street.

Jen also has an online store with a ton of other products, custom kids art work, posters and prints, canvases, and she occasionally sells stuff from her closet!

This is one of my favorite prints of hers. Pretty much sums up my mornings.

You can find this canvas along with her shop here. Check her out!

I'll be sitting by the mailbox waiting patiently for my present to arrive.....

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