Thursday, December 2, 2010

'tis the season for finals!

I have Christmas shopping envy at the moment, my Christmas list will get done after December 13th - my last day of class!!!!!! I've never looked forward to Christmas this much before, except for when I was little and I got my Mrs. Beasly doll and my Cabbage Patch Kid, whatever happened to those?  I'm going to spike the hell out of some egg nog and have myself a party.

I'm working on two final projects at the moment, my color theory final and my studio final.  For my studio final, we had to design 3 rooms for a 30+ year old single person that can either love art, sports, or music.  Since I live with a 32 year old male obsessed with hockey, that is what my project is based on.  It was actually really fun coming up with the spaces, and it was nice to get some ideas from the bf. 

When I think of a bachelor pad I immediately think of rich leather and dark mahogany, so I did a big sectional in the living room and two beautiful dark leather swivel chairs.

I put some vintage magazines and bruins memorabilia in the built in bookshelves, and some old artwork on the walls, as well 2 boston garden chairs I found on ebay.

These chairs can be yours too for just $14,000, no problem - pocket change.

In the dining room I'm going with again some rich leather chairs, but I found this amazing contemporary dining room table that turns into a pool table.

So manly isn't it??

Back to my drawing board, 5 elevations done, 3 more to go, oh joy. Check back for pictures when my project is done!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Thanks for commenting on Color Gypsy Eileen--great work on your projects...good luck!